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Niam m-preg where Niall is pregnant and is going into labour and they think they're having a little girl but they end up having identical twin boys (you can choose the names) and one has Ni's eyes and the other has Li's.

a/n: So my exams start in only a day! (wish me luck) But I had a little writers block so im sorry if this is awful I just didnt want people to think the blog died haha! :)

“Fuck Liam!” Niall yelled for about the 7th time. He gripped Liam’s hand tighter than usual, but that was because he was so close to being able to push. His contractions were about a minute apart each, and the doctor broke his water minutes ago.

“Shhh, I know Ni. Hey look at me.” Liam turned Nialls head to face him. “It’ll be ok. In just a little bit we get to see Bre.” Liam said while brushing Nialls hair back. “Dr. Tompson, can you do something to sooth the pain?” Liam asked as Niall squeezed his hand tightly.

“So Mr. Payne Nialls already 10 centimeters there is nothing I can do.” She said as she slipped on her blue rubber gloves. Niall threw his head back in pain once again squeezing Liam’s hand trying not to scream.

It took hours Niall tried pushing many different ways, standing, doggie style, they even got him in the tub for a while, but nothing was working. Niall was tired every few minutes he would have a very painful contraction. Liam tried to be very comforting, but he really didn’t know how to help Niall.

“Liam it’s awful.” Niall said into Liam’s neck. They gave Niall about a thirty minute break to see if the baby would decide to come out naturally, but nothing was happening.

“What do you want, Niall I will do anything for you what do you need?” Liam said brushing back Nialls wet hair. Niall opened his mouth to speak but all that came out was a whimper. Nialls face once again scrunched in pain, and gripped Liam’s hand tight.

“Fuck…” Niall breathed out. “Li will you rub my belly please?” Niall asked Liam. Liam looked down at the blonde haired, almost brown, boy; Nialls blue eyes were filled with tears, and were practically begging Liam to take the pain away.

Liam kissed Nialls wet face and began to rub Nialls overly bulging belly. Niall let out a content sigh and began to relax. The next contraction Niall had was much calmer than all the other ones. Niall didn’t scream out in pain, but he and Liam breathed through it together. This happened about 5 more times before the doctor came in and asked Niall if he would like to push some more or have a c-section.


“You can do it Niall I know you can.” Liam said reassuringly to Niall kissing his hand lightly.

It took about 30 minutes of calm pushing, but cries finally filled the room. Niall fell back and his whole body relaxed, but for a moment only.

“Fuck!” He yelled, and grabbed Liam’s hand in a tight swift motion. “Shit it hurts worse than before!” Niall said between gritted teeth.

“Niall I need you to push again please. 1…..2….3….” Why in the hell was he pushing again?! Niall did what the doctor asked, but was confused as to why she asked that.

Cries filled the room again; Niall then relaxed fully and stayed that way. Liam though was confused, because Niall just had two babies! Niall and Liam were supposed to go home with one little baby girl, but it just so happened that wouldn’t happen today.

“Congratulations Mr. Payne and Mr. Horan two lovely boys!” The doctor said. Niall’s head shot up off his pillow.

“No no, sorry we we’re supposed to have a little girl, one girl.” Niall said. The doctor looked at the boys with a look of shock on her face. She held up a finger telling the two boys to hold on. She exited the room leaving the boys alone, but quickly returned cleaned up.

“Niall um somebody must have read the ultrasound wrong you were supposed to have two twin boys, and you did.” She said. Niall and Liam looked at each other shocked. What were they gonna do with all the little pink things they bought?

Two nurses walking carry the two babies and handed them both to Niall teaching him to hold two babies at once. Niall looked absolutely fine, Liam on the other hand was pale and he had tears in his eyes.

“Liam are you ok?” Niall asked once the four boys were alone. Liam looked at Niall and a small smile crept onto his face. Liam grabbed Nialls hands and pulled him into a kiss.

“Amazing Niall, fucking amazing!”

“Aye, watch the language! Don’t want your sons to start early do you.” Niall said smiling to Liam. Niall looked down and both little boys yawned at once, their little eyes began to flutter open and Niall gasped.

“What is it Ni?”

“T-they have our eyes Liam. Look this one has blue, and this one has brown…oh Liam.” Niall said with tears streaming down his face.  

“Niall?” Niall turned to look to Liam. “What are we gonna name them, we only had a girl name?”

“I like Sebastian Alexander, and Jackson Munro.” Niall said.

“Perfect.” Liam said smiling down at his two sons. “We need to take a lot of stuff back.” Liam said with a chuckle.

“Good thing I kept all the receipts right?” Niall said him and Liam laughing. Niall and Liam wanted a little girl, but these two little boys would have to do I guess ;)

~Sarah :)

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