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Prompt_ Ziam, Zayn has to care for their child having that Liam died shortly after the delievery of their child; Addison fifteen years on and Zayns sitting the child down to explain why she doesnt have a 'Mother'

“Bye daddy!” Addison began to run to the door. “Wait right there young lady!” Zayn ran behind his daughter. She spun around and faced her father.

“Daddy I’ve got to go Carson is waiting.” Carson was Addison’s boyfriend; he was a rich kid who never treated her right. “Ass hat can wait.” Zayn handed his daughter a piece of toast and kissed her cheek. “You need anything call me ok honey?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Bye Addy, I love you.”

“Love you too!” She ran out the door and jumped into her boyfriend’s car. Zayn watched Addison from the kitchen window, she looked just like Liam. When she smiled her eyes crinkled up just like Liam’s, and her voice it was almost an exact replica of Liam’s.

“Thinking about him again aren’t ya?” Zayn spun around quickly at the words, Harry. Harry would stay the night but Addison never knew, and the way Zayn saw it she would never know.

“I just miss him a lot, and I hate seeing Addison growing up without him.” Zayn began crying, and dropped his face into his hands.

“Shh…hey hey shh its ok. I know.” Harry laid Zayn’s head on his chest, rubbing the back of his head trying to sooth him. “We all miss him.”

“Not as much as I do”

“Addison, dinner is ready!” She slumped down stairs and looked disgusted at what was on the table.

“Not hungry.” She mumbled and began to walk back to her room.

“What’s wrong with her lately?” Harry asked sitting down at the table with a huge bowl of spaghetti.

“I don’t know but she’s been spending way too much time in her room.” Zayn double stepped up the stairs to his daughter’s room. “Addy?” He peaked his head in the door to see her on her bed crying.

“Dad w-what are you doing?”

“Are you crying?” She stared for a second and began to cry some more. “Oh baby what’s wrong?” Zayn held his crying daughter, and it brought back so many bad memories, memories of him waking up at night to a crying baby who needed a mother, but instead got him.

“C-Carson the other day he s-said…” she took a big long sniff in and wiped her eyes. “He said that he couldn’t be with a girl whose mother left her.” She began sobbing again. Zayn filled with rage, and if you looked really close you would think smoke was coming out of his ears. Zayn began pacing, and blowing hot breaths of air out. “D-dad, what happened to mom?” Zayn stopped pacing and looked to his sobbing daughter.

Zayn went into his office and grabbed a photo album with the words, ‘Our Little Family’ engraved on the side. He took the album back up to his daughter’s room and began to flip through the pages.

“Come here…” Zayn flipped to one page and his tears spilled too. “See this black and white picture….that was you at 1 month old.” She smiled slightly, but when she flipped the page she was confused. “See this man right here?” She shook her head yes. “That’s your mom.” He put air quotes around mom because they had both decided Liam would be called Papa.


“His name was Liam. God he was amazing, and when he and I began dating he never told me about his condition.” Zayn flipped another page which had pictures of Liam and his 9 month stomach. “When I found about you I was so excited, and literally for months I bought clothes and clothes and clothes. The night Liam went into labor I started crying, and then when the doctor came and told me Liam only had a few minutes left I-I didn’t know how to take it.” Zayn was sobbing and so was Addison. “He looked so amazing holding you and H-he just went so quick I couldn’t take it.”

Zayn slammed the book shut, and wiped his eyes. He began to leave his daughters room, but she called him.

“Did you love him?” Zayn looked at her, and saw the pain in her eyes, but he also saw less confusion.

“I still do. Now c’mon dinners ready.” She smiled at Zayn, and Zayn saw Liam in her.


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