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Narry and Lilo. Narry already as a little boy together but it's Lilo that needs help. Louis can't handle all of Liam's mood swings and ask the boys for help :)))

"Louis! I said Toy Story inspired wallpaper! Not horses! There’s a difference!" Liam yelled angrily as he watched Louis trying (and unsuccessfully) to get the hideous paper to stick to the wall.

"They didn’t have any, sweetie. The employee at the store said that this was the best option to go with." Louis looked over his shoulder and saw the tears welling up in his boyfriend’s eyes.

"You hate me don’t you? That’s why you didn’t get Toy Story wallpaper. You think it was a stupid idea to base our child’s entire nursery off Andy’s room. I just want them to have a perfect childhood." He broke down into sobs.

Louis sighed heavily before enveloping Liam in a hug. “Come on, Li. We’re going to go visit Niall and Harry.”


"Uncle Louis! Uncle Liam!" Connor jumped at the two men as he opened the front door.

"Hey, buddy." Louis picked up the boy up and spun him around, hearing the boyish giggles.

"Hello, boys." Harry poked his head from the kitchen. "I’m making dinner. Want to join us?"

"Sounds great, Haz." Louis put Connor down and laced his fingers with Liam’s and lead him to the living room where they sat together on the couch. "Where’s Niall?"

"Daddy’s napping after his gym time. He wouldn’t let me go with him." Connor pouted before turning back to Peter Pan on the flat screen.

Louis smiled. “I’ll go wake him up then.”

He made his way down the hall to his friends’ bedroom and opened the door slowly. Creeping into the room, he crawled onto the bed and gently shook at Niall’s shoulders. “Ni… Niall… Nialler! Wake up!”

Niall took a deep breath and furrowed his brow before slowly opening his eyes. “Lou? What are you doing here?”

"Liam and I are eating dinner with you guys tonight."

A silence encompassed them.

"How did you deal with it?"

Niall turned to look at his friend. “What?”

"When Harry was pregnant with Connor and having his mood swings. How the hell did you deal with it?"

"Oh." Niall sighed. "Well, it was really crazy at first. He went from angry to horny in like point two five seconds. It was great at first. There was sex like every day, but then it started getting weird."

Niall rubbed at his eyes trying to get used to the darkness. “He started crying and every time I tried to hold him he started hitting at my arms and telling me that I hated him and how I didn’t love him. It was scary and I had no clue what to do. I called my mum and she said that I just had to be there for him and show him that he was wrong.”

Louis sighed. “Why is everything so difficult? I love Liam like crazy, but I don’t know how much longer I can take this crazy life. I just want our baby here now.”


"I don’t understand, Harry. One second I’m telling Louis how much he means to me and the next I just want to choke him for being a complete idiot." Liam dropped his head into his hands.

"It’s completely normal, Li. God I can’t tell you how many I slapped Niall or called him things that completely regretted the next second. He understood though that I didn’t mean any of what I said. You just have to trust that Louis knows that as well." Harry replied as he finished setting the table.

"Connor? Can you please go get Daddy and Uncle Lou for dinner? Wash your hands on the way back… And don’t forget to use soap!" Harry called after his baby boy.

"Don’t worry, Liam. It’s completely natural and you shouldn’t feel bad. Do what I did. Take advantage of your situation." The curly haired boy winked.

Louis and Niall walked in the dining room, Connor perched on on the Doncaster lad’s hip. The three of the were smiling widely as small child relayed an enthralling story.

Liam smiled softly. One day, he was going to have that and he would go through hell and back to make sure that Louis and he would make it through everything.


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