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NIAM MPREG PLEASE! this time liam carries their second child and they decide to keep the gender under the cover as they already have their son (you can choose the name) carried by niall. i'm not really sure just make it reaaaaaaaally cuuuuuuuute and fluffy and adorable thaaank youu <3 <3

"Papa! That’s my brother in there!" Alwyn shouted at Niall as he stared at Liam’s tummy.

"We don’t know that, silly. Maybe it’s your little sister." Niall brushed his son’s light brown curls back so that his bright blue eyes were visible. "How did you know he’s in there?"

"My teacher told me. I asked her why Daddy was getting fat and she said that he wasn’t fat and that my little brother or sister was in there." He clapped his hands excitedly and went back to his bowl of Cheerios.

"Hear that, Li. You’re not fat." Niall smiled as he rubbed at Liam’s small bump.

"Oh, shut it. I’m ten times smaller than you were at five months, babe." Liam pushed Niall’s hand away from him and continued his eggs smothered in strawberry jam.

Niall frowned before turning back to Alwyn. “Okay, munkin. Go brush your teeth and get your backpack so Daddy and I can take you to kindergarten. I’ll be checking to make your you use toothpaste this time!”

Alwyn grumbled and hopped down from his chair and went to do what his father asked.

"What’s wrong, Li? You seem a little… Off today. Are you feeling okay?"

"No! I feel sick, my feet hurt, I have a massive headache, I’m tired all the damn time, and I just want to lay around and watch movies and snack on chocolate covered cheese! I hate being pregnant!" Liam started crying uncontrollably.

Niall wrapped his arms around his husband and pulled him close. “Shhhhh. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll take Alwyn to school and then come home and we can have a lazy day in bed. Sound good? I’ll even stop at the grocery story and get the chocolate and cheese.”

Liam sniffled. “Deal.”


"Li?" Niall whispered as he entered the bedroom.

Toy Story was playing on the television screen and his husband was sprawled out on his back, snoring. Smiling, Niall went to the kitchen and put the groceries away before going back to the bedroom and laying down next to Liam.

He rubbed at the small bump and slipped down so that he was eye level with the brunette’s stomach. “Hey, baby. It’s Papa.”

He smiled. “We’re all so excited for you to be born. I know Daddy seems angry, but he’s just anxious for you to get here. Also, he’s a bit uncomfortable with you in there. Just four more months though, baby, and then you’ll be laying in our arms while Alwyn tries to keep you smiling. You’re not even here yet and you’re loved so much.”

He kissed the skin of Liam’s bump. “Please go easy on Daddy. We’ll be waiting for you. Stay healthy okay?”

"Ni?" Liam rubbed at his eyes as they adjusted to the sun filtering through the curtains. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Just talking to baby."

"I’m sorry I was so rude at breakfast. I just kind of-"

"Don’t worry about it. I know what you’re going through. Remember when I exploded on Louis for wearing plaid because it was your thing and he should stick to his stripes?" Niall chuckled.

Liam smiled. “I haven’t seen Louis in anything but stripes since then.”

Niall moved back up so that he was laying next to his husband. Leaning over, he kissed Liam’s forehead. “Love you, Daddy.”

"Love you too, Papa."

-Kelli (I feel like I always end the fills with declarations of love…)

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